What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics Here we have two VERY similar sounding words but they are very different in your gut!! What is the difference between PREbiotics and PRObiotics: Prebiotic = non-digestable carbohydrates such as bananas, apple skins, onions, garlic, artichoke, etc. Basically prebiotics is a classification of fiber. Any foods that are rough-age dense foods are

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Real Food for You

Despite the name “thenutritionsupplements,” today I will be talking about real food – NOT a supplement! What is Juice Plus? Juice Plus is whole food. It’s plant based nutrition. Literally, 30 different fruits and vegetables are grown, harvested, dehydrated and compressed into a powder. That powder is then put into a vegan capsule for us

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About Karlie

Who is Karlie? Hi – Karlie here and welcome to nutritionsupplements! I am a Midwest girl who was born in Illinois and grew up in west Michigan. I was always intrigued with the relationship people had with food and how various types of foods affected people. My grandmother always said, “More fruits and vegetables,” but

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