CBD Oil for Nutrition

CBD is everywhere.

Let’s find out why!

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring oil extracted from industrial hemp. It is just one of many cannabinoids found in the plant also and probably better known as the marijuana plant. Therefore, many people associate CBD with getting “high.” However, this is not true. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main ingredient found in marijuana causing a psychoactive or “high” affect. CBD though is extracted from the hemp plant and is diluted with a carrier oil. A very small trace of THC (.3%) may be found in the full spectrum of a quality CBD oil. This is safe and very legal according the 2014 Farm Bill. Quality CBD products, such as those from Hempworx, follow these guidelines and provide full transparency about all their nutritional and supplemental products.

How can CBD help?

There are so many ways that CBD can help and we are learning more and more each day. Here are a few:

  1. Relieve pain – Marijuana, because of the CBD, has been used to treat pain for centuries. Scientists are finding that the CBD effects a very specialized body system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates sleep, appetite, pain, and immune response. By taking CBD oil, your body is better able to bind neurotransmitters to the two endocannabinoid receptors in your nervous system.
  2. May reduce anxiety and depression – These two very common mental health disorders can devastate families. The WHO (World Health Organization) even says that depression is the single largest disability worldwide with anxiety not far behind. While many take pharmaceutical drugs to relieve systems, it comes at a cost. Side effects such as insomnia, drowsiness, suicidal thoughts, headaches, sexual dysfunction, etc. may also occur. However, CBD oils has shown to treat both anxiety and depression naturally in humans and animals, in adults and children. AMAZING!!
  3. Can reduce cancer-related symptoms – CBD may reduce or eliminate cancer treatment side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and pain. Yes, doctors may prescribe anit-nausea or anti-pain medicine, these too also carry a risk of further side effects. But, with CBD full spectrum, there are not. In fact, some studies in animals show that CBD may inhibit breast cancer cells. While these needs for research in humans, this oil has promising components.
  4. May reduce acne – Acne – UGH!! No one wants it yet so many are afflicted with it. Because there are sooo many causes (genetics, bacteria, inflammation, hormones, stress, etc.), there are even more treatments. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties so this is an exciting way to combat the acne affliction.
  5. May protect the brain – Because CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, the brain may be protected from neurological disorders such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Studies have also shown that CBD can improve sleep quality for people with Parkinson’s disease and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it may also help prevent neurodegeneration that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Hearth Health Hopes – CBD has been shown in studies to lower blood pressure which could prevent a stroke or heart attack. This is because CBD contains stress and anxiety reducing antioxidant properties. Reducing stress and anxiety may also help reduce inflammation and healthy cell death. One study with diabetic mice found that treatment with CBD reduced the oxidative stress; thus preventing heart damage.
  7. So much more... As if the list above isn’t enough, here are some more possible positive benefits to CBD treatment:
    1. anti psychotic effects – CBD may help with mental disorders (depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, etc.) because of the neuroprotection
    2. Substance abuse – Again, targeting the brain, CBD has shown with rats to reduce dependence by modifying brain circuits.

Who can take CBD?

CBD has so many benefits and is naturally found. Just about anyone can take it – children, adults, elderly, sick, healthy, etc. Even your furry friends can take it. There are many wonderful products for your dog that can help with K9 anxiety, arthritis, intestinal issues, and so much more.

However, because it is still fairly new and not yet fully regulated by the government, the exact specifications or age restrictions have not yet been determined. Various distilleries though offer more than just CBD oil. Other CBD infused products such as coffee, creamers, salsa, gummies, face creams, misting sprays, even beer is available. If you don’t like the flavor, Hempworx also offers a peppermint flavor for those with different taste buds!

Is all CBD the same?

NO … let me say it again NO!!

Be very careful where and how you get your CBD oil and CBD products. Make sure to go to a trusted distillery or order from Hempworx. The products should be naturally grown, naturally extracted, and third party tested. Hempworx grow all their hemp crops chemical, fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide free.

CBD is still fairly new (as mentioned earlier). Selling the product and extracting from the hemp plant is all very legal. In 2014, the Farm Bill was passed allowing Hemp Seed Oil with less than .3% THC by dry weight to be federally legal. However, the government has not yet figured a way to regulate the market. Therefore, some CBD that is being sold, may have other synthetics or no CBD at all (even is the label says otherwise).

What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp products in the store?

The products you may purchase in the story most often is made with hemp seed oil instead of oil extracted from the hemp stalk. The stalk extraction provides a higher percentage of CBD with additional health and nutritional benefits. While the hemp seed oil can be nutritionally beneficial, its original quantity of CBD makes is unfeasible as a supplement.

Where do I get CBD oil?

So, go to a trusted distillery or order from Hempworx. Hempworx is a trusted CBD distributor. All of their hemp is grown and extracted naturally in the USA. They use a state of the art CO2 extraction method. It has been regarded as the safest and healthiest method by GRAS by the FDA as it is free of harsh solvents. They also offer both CBD full spectrum (with a very small trace of THC – less than .3%. It will NOT make you “high”) or an isolate option (without THC).

Be sure to do your homework before picking up just any old CBD oil or hemp product though. If you go to a local place in your area that is selling, be sure to ask a lot of questions.

Questions to ask:

  1. Where is this CBD oil grown and sourced?
  2. How is it extracted?
  3. Can I get full spectrum and/or isolate?
  4. How much should I take?
  5. How is your product tested and by whom?

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2 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Nutrition

  1. Thanks for this information. I currently am taking CBD oil for anxiety and sleep. I agree with you 100% about doing your homework before buying any. I have tried several brands and I always make sure I can see the lab results from the 3rd party testing. If they don’t offer lab results, then I stay away. I think I looked at Hempworx, but have not purchased from them yet. I will have to check them out again.
    Again, thanks for the post!

    1. So glad you are taking CBD for sleep and anxiety. 3rd party testing is so important!! Yes, please look at Hempworx again as there are so many products and are backed by so much testing! Cheers – KS

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