Real Food for You

Despite the name “thenutritionsupplements,” today I will be talking about real food – NOT a supplement!

What is Juice Plus?

Juice Plus is whole food. It’s plant based nutrition. Literally, 30 different fruits and vegetables are grown, harvested, dehydrated and compressed into a powder. That powder is then put into a vegan capsule for us to take each day!

I don’t know about you but I could not eat 30 different fruits and veggies EVERY day! I don’t anyone who could. It’s simple nutrition. While many think it’s a supplement, Juice Plus has a nutrition label making it REALL FOOD!! It doesn’t replace a healthy diet, but it does bridge the gap between what you eat and what your body needs. And we all need more fruits and vegetables!


Grandma knew the benefits of fruits and vegetable (maybe that’s why she was always telling me to eat more)! However, our society is filled with convenience and we are often leaving out essential nutrients our body needs. We are consuming and craving more sugar and sodium now than at any other point in history. Americans spend more on healthcare than any other nation yet are the most sick. With Juice Plus, you’re getting whole food nutrition without having to buy, cut, peel, mash, blend, or puree. In a culture of convenience, I can’t think of anything that is more convenient and still healthy.

Study after study has shown how Juice Plus is so beneficial to our long term health:

  • Increases levels of key antioxidants in the blood stream which reduces the levels of free radicals in our bodies
  • Decreases levels of key biomarkers of inflammation
  • Reduces upper respiratory challenges, missed work days, and increases the number and activity of immune cells circulating in the body
  • Reduces DNA damage
  • Produces positive effects on several measures of cardiovascular health
  • Helps maintain normal homocysteine levels (preventing heart attack and stroke)
  • Helps maintain normal elasticity of the arteries, healthy LDL cholesterol levels, and protects lipids from oxidative damage

How Safe is it?

The company partners with the best farmers in the nation. They vet their partners to ensure high quality, pesticide-free produce. Juice Plus facilities are located as near to the source as possible. State-of-the-art technology is also used to freeze (Individual Quick Freezing) to preserve the freshness. The produce is then juiced and dried at low temperatures to unlock and concentrate on only the best nutrients. The facilities are also evaluated and meet or exceed the expectations. Every product is certified by the NSF (public health and safety committee). Eating Juice Plus is simply eating really good food!! Even if you love your fruits and vegetables, the variety of the food is unmatched.

Is Juice Plus for Everyone?

Yes. Juice Plus can be eaten by men, women, kids, babies, pregnant women, sick, healthy, elderly…. EVERYONE!!

It can be eaten in a capsule or a chewable form. The capsules can also be opened and the produce powder can be sprinkled in smoothies, on food, or directly into your mouth! Juice Plus also makes a plant based protein powder which turn into delicious smoothies or can be used in a variety of recipes. They also make snack bars to be eaten by anyone anywhere. Juice Plus truly does supply the best way to get whole food nutrition. In fact, for every adult order, children get an order free. AND – it doesn’t even have to be your child. It could be a child next door, a niece or nephew. Juice Plus is everyone’s food!

Wait…There’s More!

Not only does Juice Plus provide nutrient dense whole food nutrition but they also provide a vegan blend of Omega oils. While many have heard about Omega 3’s and fish oil being so valuable to heart and brain health, they don’t see that there is also Omega 5,6,7,9 in addition to Omega 3. Juice Plus puts all these valuable Omegas into one capsule and carefully seals in all the benefits. What many don’t know either is that Omega oil does not come from fish. It is completely vegan – plant based. The Omega oils are harvested from grown algae. Typically the fish eat the algae and then the Omegas are extracted. However, Juice Plus skips the fish and takes the oils straight from the plant source. This sustainable and environmentally friendly product is very beneficial to everyone’s brain and heart health.

Whole Food for the Whole Person!!

Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, lose weight, lower cholesterol, prevent disease or illness, recover from an injury or surgery, or simply trying to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies, Juice Plus is the simplest and safest way to do so. The recommended way to supplement your diet and improve your overall health is to eat the Trio Blend which consist of fruits, vegetables, and berries. I also highly recommend the Omega Blend as a way to improve the cardiovascular system and improve brain function. Lastly, the Juice Plus shakes are delicious. My family and I now don’t consume any high sugar cereals or snacks (even the ones we used to think were healthy). My family will simply blend their favorite smoothie using either the vanilla or chocolate flavors. This is a great opportunity to add your favorite fruits or veggies such as bananas, strawberries, kiwi, kale, spinach, etc. There are so many recipes circulating online that can be found as well. Another way to use the smoothies is to participate in the Shred 10. You eat the smoothies, Trio Blend, and Omega Blend for ten days. Every day you have 2 smoothies with one whole food meal. You will clean your gut and lose a few pounds in the process.

Supplements and vitamins are not necessary. Your body will thank you for eating Juice Plus. Your body will thank you for choosing health!!


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